Mubarak Ahmed Khan

Chief Scientific Officer
Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Bangladesh

Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan is former Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Director General of Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission. He is now working as Scientific Advisor of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation, Ministry of Jute and Textiles, Bangladesh. He is working in several promising areas of nanotechnology, material science, biodegradable polymers, biomedical science, applied science etc.

He is also the inventor of Jutin (Jute Reinforced Polymer Corrugated Sheet), the outstanding housing material from jute plastic composite. He received several national and international awards such as FACS (2017), National Jute Award (2016) BAS Gold medal (2012) and etc. for his remarkable contributions to scientific community. At present he is the number one scientist in Jute sector all over the World with respect to international publications cited by Scopus.